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Assessing your liver for equilibrium

What is Tawazun Health?

Tawazun Health delivering you the complete FibroScan® service wherever and whenever needed*, giving  everyone access to this enhanced real-time liver assessment with immediate information available on the liver condition and fat content.

With multiple options from temporary to permanent, small bespoke individual FibroScan® clinics to regular scheduled clinics all at your location*.

If you are looking for COVID-19 catch up clinics to improve patient flow and waiting lists the please contact us health@tawazunhealth.com

*Subject to minimum room requirements to perform FibroScan®

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Tawazun Health Your Ideal Clinical Trials Partner

When you require the most accurate and reliable, up-to-date assessments for  your clinical research FibroScan® then Tawazun Health is your ideal partner as experience matters.

For your randomised controlled trials FibroScan® can be used alone, in sequential testing to reduce the indeterminate zone to 20%  or in combination with other biomarkers, FibroScan® – AST (FAST).

With staff skilled in FibroScan® and difficult to scan populations the accuracy of your data collection matters as the outcomes of your study depend on it.

“Those who do not find time every day for health must sacrifice a lot of time one day for illness”

Sebastian Kneipp

Tawazun Health assist as Echosens: building vital liver medical resources

Welcome to the First Steps of Taking Control of Your Health!

Tawazun Health are in the process of making it possible for you to take control of your lifestyle, by offering you direct access to a liver scan without the referral from your doctor.

Your liver plays a central role in keeping your body in equilibrium, a state of balance and harmony. Taking care of this organ is very important and a regular liver scan will help you make the right lifestyle choice.

We all associate alcohol damaging our liver, but the food we eat and the exercise we take is playing a significant part in causing Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD) and the risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes, Hypertension, High cholesterol, Heart Disease, Liver Cancer and many other liver related health problems.

You will already know that most of the above conditions have been strongly associated with people developing severe COVID-19 and knowing the condition of your liver will offer you the opportunity to see if you have increased risks of these. NAFLD is treatable and curable which means many of the rest are too but only if you know.

We use the latest in liver scan technology called FibroScan®. Your liver scan is non-invasive and only takes 5 -15 mins of your time. Unfortunately, not everyone or even active, healthy eating adults and children all have healthy livers. They may not know their condition as liver blood tests can be normal and you need a referral from a doctor to get one.

Tawazun Health is providing access for everyone so you can check the health of your liver at any time.

Regular screening of your liver can keep your lifestyle in balance and allow you to choose the way you wish to live.

We aim to provide a service for those aged 16 years and above and you will find on our Lifestyle Booking page the affordable costs for both junior and adults.

We understand to change your lifestyle and health can be a challenge particularly in these most challenging of times, so you will find a platinum liver scan package that incorporates a dietitian to help you focus and achieve your goals.

If you feel you have during the COVID-19 lockdown exercised, eaten less healthy options and indulged in alcohol more regularly – your liver may now be showing the strain. This can increase the risks of developing a level of damage which may be a risk to you if you become infected.

If you have Obesity, Type 2 diabetes , hypertension, cardiovascular disease and high cholesterol and are concerned about your liver health.

As lockdown eases and we look to reopen our clinics the real resolution should be to have your liver scanned to check your liver is in tip top condition and make a healthier lifestyle choice for the future.

Need some help to find out if your at risk? Take the British Liver Trust LOVE YOUR LIVER HEALTH SCREENER and find out. If you are at risk then book your FibroScan® and give your Liver that check.

What is a FibroScan®?

Echosens, manufacturer of FibroScan® , is the world’s #1 provider of non-invasive medical devices dedicated to assessment of chronic liver disease.

Echosens significantly changed the practice of liver diagnosis with FibroScan®, the unique device using patented and validated VCTE™ for liver stiffness assessment, and CAP™ for steatosis quantification.

FibroScan® device is recognized worldwide as the reference for non-invasive liver diagnosis with more than 2,000 medical publications and 40 guidelines recommendations.

FibroScan® is a device being used increasingly throughout both the National Health Service and Private settings.

It is a time-efficient, non-invasive, painless and patient-friendly assessment where mechanical shear waves are sent through the liver; an ultrasound transducer calculates the velocity of the wave and converts this to a liver stiffness measurement (LSM) in KPa. The addition of the controlled attenuation parameter (CAP) correlates a fat calculation via the ultrasound waves.

When performed by a suitably qualified and experienced individual, immediate results are available to the physician and patient.

Fibroscan leaflet

Click the image above to download the FibroScan® patient information booklet.

Click the image above to download the My FibroScan® Brochure – physician’s app booklet.

Tawazun Health is in partnership with and supporting…

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Love Your Liver
GLI - Global Liver Institute


With the rise in high liver fat and cardio-metabolic symptoms in Adults, children and teenagers and particularly associated in those with weight issues.

We are addressing this by offering education sessions, through our Tawazun Health Charities these can be provided via Zoom to small groups and we are working closely with the British Liver Trust and will be offering our support to many other adult and children charities in 2021.

For the future we will actively be supporting work into locating liver disease early, monitoring and finding cures for liver, metabolic and cardiac diseases.

Please contact us to see if we can assist your Research programme.

Tawazun Health in the news

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Tawazun Health, Somerset NHS Foundation Trust, Sano Genetics and Predictive Health Intelligence have secured £800k from an Innovate UK funding to identify high-risk liver disease cases. 

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Read this interview on Belgravia London, with Louise Campbell, founder and medical director of Tawazun Health.

listen to louise campbell the leading expert on fibroscan liver scan on mike dilke show

Listen to Louise Campbell, founder and medical director of Tawazun Health, interviewed by Mike Dilke on Relaxback UK radio.