Tawazun Health’s globally recognised expertise is helping find, manage, and reverse the fatty liver pandemic with FibroScan®.

1 in 3

of the world’s population

lives with Fatty Liver Disease (FLD).*

Untreated FLD leads to inflammation, cirrhosis, type 2 diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular illness and ultimately liver cancer. FibroScan® screening is the simple and effective method to diagnose and fight FLD before it takes hold.

FLD is likely to become the leading cause of end-stage liver disease in the coming decades. But we can do something about it today.

*(Journal of Hepatology, 2023)


Hear from our founder

Louise Campbell is a globally recognised leader in liver health and a Fellow of The Royal College of Physicians. Louise’s experience includes leading teams that have used FibroScan® across 4 continents, assisting governments in public health initiatives and discussing Fatty Liver Disease on major news platforms. 

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FibroScan® is a non-invasive, quick and painless test recognised as the new standard for Fatty Liver Disease (FLD) diagnosis

With over 4,800 medical publications worldwide, and recommendations in 180 clinical guidelines, major institutions worldwide including the Global Liver Institute, British Liver Trust and Australian Liver Foundation support FibroScan®.

FibroScan® uses sound waves to measure liver fattiness and stiffness

FibroScan® is a painless, non-invasive method for identifying the early signs of FLD. Unlike blood tests and biopsies, there is no discomfort, no sample handling, and no need to wait for results. 

Actionable results, fast

Each FibroScan® takes just 15 minutes and results are ready immediately. Presenting liver health scores in a simple ‘traffic light’ system has proven exceedingly effective in sparking positive lifestyle changes.

Learn more about the process of having a FibroScan® with Echosens’ training tutorial.




FibroScan® helps you make a healthy workforce your competitive advantage, reducing the costs of low productivity and absenteeism caused by FLD.


Health Screening

Tawazun Health is dedicated to improving standards for FLD screening and management through research, education and innovation.

liver scan machine

Public Health

Working with health authorities globally to improve patient outcomes by introducing FibroScan® into primary care at the earliest opportunities to prevent the onset of avoidable diseases.



We are committed to making FibroScan® accessible and affordable, with instant results and simple actionable lifestyle recommendations for you.

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