Improving standards for

Fatty Liver Disease

Screening through research,

education and innovation.

Take the opportunity now to offer revolutionary liver health screening, using FibroScan®.

FibroScan® is the new global standard for liver health screening.

With over 4,800 peer-reviewed publications and 180 clinical guideline recommendations, FibroScan® is a proven process supported by health bodies globally.

By partnering with Tawazun Health, you can be among the first to offer this premium service to valued clients.

• 15 minutes per patient
•  Instant results 

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Liver Steatosis Ranges

Liver Steatosis Ranges

Liver Stiffness Ranges

Liver Stiffness Ranges (1)

Unlock new patient opportunities with our liver FibroScan®

Fatty Liver Disease (FLD) is a rapidly increasing health concern affecting 1 in 3 people worldwide. Screening using FibroScan® provides accurate liver fattiness and stiffness scores in minutes, giving people the tools to take control of their own health.

Evolve your screening solutions with FibroScan® from
Tawazun Health

Tawazun Health, led by internationally respected Hepatology Nurse Consultant, Patient Advocate, Fellow of The Royal College of Physicians and Clinical Director Louise Campbell, gives Health Screening companies the ability to help fight the Fatty Liver Pandemic with a quality assured, regulated by the UK’s Care Quality Commission (CQC).

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Fight the Fatty Liver Disease Pandemic.

1 in 3

working adults exhibit elevated liver fattiness.


of tissue analysed to assess fat and liver stiffness scores.


of people showed worrying liver stiffness scores. 


estimated annual cost in lost productivity per person.


of the world’s population is estimated to have FLD. 

15 mins

15 minutes per procedure, with instant results.

(For Sources, click here.)

Offer accurate, convenient, pain-free liver health checks

The non-invasive FibroScan® probe uses shear wave technology to analyse 3cm³of liver tissue, assessing liver fattiness and stiffness scores in just 15 minutes.

    • More accurate than blood tests
    • No patient discomfort
    • Results available immediately

With FibroScan®, there is no sample handling, no waiting, and no doctor’s referral necessary. The easily-understood ‘traffic light’ liver health scoring system has proven effective at kick-starting healthier lifestyle habits.

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