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FibroScan® makes employee health your #1 priority. 


Fatty Liver Disease affects 1 in 3 workers* – but most people won’t take action until they’re too sick to work at full capacity.

A simple 15-minute FibroScan® is all it takes to fight the Fatty Liver Pandemic in your workplace. Tawazun Health is your partner in employee wellbeing, helping to prevent the high costs of hidden disease and champion healthier lifestyles.

*(Journal of Hepatology, 2023)

Invest in our corporate health checks for a healthy workforce to control costs 

FibroScan® employee health checks from Tawazun Health enable companies to catch the early signs of Fatty Liver Disease (FLD).

We provide on-site and corporate health checks to accurately identify potential health concerns. The process is painless, non-invasive and quick. Each FibroScan® takes just 15 minutes and results are ready immediately.

The Fatty Liver Pandemic is a growing problem costing over US$130 billion.*

FLD affects 32-38% of the global population. Unfortunately, FLD goes undetected for too long.

FibroScan® screenings catch the early signs of FLD so you can implement employee wellness programs, reduce the financial impact of disease and keep your people in peak condition, efficient and more productive.

*(Witkowski, Moreno, Fernandes et al., 2022)  

We are available to come onsite to provide health checks for your employees.

Gain back lost time

The average annual cost of stopping work temporarily or permanently due to advanced liver disease is almost US$8,500 per person.*

*(Witkowski, Moreno, Fernandes et al., 2022)  

Reduce absenteeism

Sufferers of advanced FLD are absent from work at nearly double the average rate.*

*(Witkowski, Moreno, Fernandes et al., 2022)  

Prevent presenteeism

Work impairment and presenteeism are higher among people living with FLD, especially symptomatic employees.*

*(Sanderson & Cocker, 2013)


Work together to live healthier lives

From doctor’s appointments to treatment to recovery time, FLD bears a high cost for employees and companies.

A healthy workforce leads to improved productivity which equates to an improved bottom line. By prioritising employee health, you are promoting a positive culture, demonstrating care, and taking proactive steps to improve productivity and your company’s performance.

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your employees

Tawazun Health founder Louise Campbell is a globally recognised Hepatology Nurse Consultant and Fellow of The Royal College of Physicians. Learn how her work in FibroScan® implementation and pathway design shapes international treatment standards.

Fatty Liver Disease (FLD) is a chronic and costly pandemic


estimated annual cost in lost productivity per person.


of employees exhibit concerning liver stiffness. 


The increase in employee absenteeism. 


of the world’s population is estimated to have FLD.

1 in 3

Working adults show elevated liver fattiness.

1.1 billion

estimated to have NAFLD worldwide.

(For Sources, click here.)

Reduce costs by making employee health a priority

Tawazun Health’s recent data from FibroScan®’s completed in 2023, reveals 33% of workers showed elevated liver fattiness and 9% exhibited concerning liver stiffness. These are the warning signs of FLD. Left unchecked, FLD will impair productivity, significantly increase absenteeism and lead to early retirement. The financial implications for businesses are substantial.

FibroScan® is your opportunity to educate employees, accurately diagnose the early signs of FLD, and keep your workforce healthy and productive.

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