Our Mission

“To empower every human being everywhere, through knowledge and resources, to make their own lifestyle choices to enable a healthier and longer life”

Hear from our founder

Louise Campbell is a globally recognised leader in liver health and a Fellow of The Royal College of Physicians. Louise’s experience includes leading teams that have completed FibroScan® across 4 continents, assisting governments in public health initiatives and discussing Fatty Liver Disease on major news platforms. 

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Developing cutting-edge liver scan solutions for the benefit of all

Tawazun Health is a leader in the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of Fatty Liver Disease. Our core purpose is to discover innovative approaches to liver health assessment, develop cutting-edge diagnostic solutions, and deliver vital health data for individuals and healthcare providers.

Tawazun: From the Arabic and Urdu languages, meaning “balance” and “a search for equilibrium”.

The liver plays an essential role in maintaining health equilibrium, and the balance of science and healthy choices allows it to carry out its many vital functions.

Whether through groundbreaking research, accessible liver health screenings, or public health education, our commitment to healthier living drives everything we do.

Fatty Liver Disease is the silent Global Pandemic


estimated to have NAFLD worldwide. 


of adult males suffer from NAFLD.


of the world’s population is estimated to have FLD.



cause of liver transplants in women, #2 overall.


of people with FLD experience increased cardiovascular risk.


of children have FLD. 

(For Sources, click here.)

Globally recognised experience

Tawazun Health’s Hepatology Nurse Consultant, Patient Advocate, Fellow of The College of Physicians and Clinical Director Louise Campbell has over 40 years of healthcare industry experience. As well as being a qualified nurse with a Master’s Degree in Advanced Practice, Louise is a Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians, government advisor, podcast co-host and dedicated patient advocate.

My proudest achievement is developing the largest FibroScan service in the NHS at its time and delivering improved care and diagnosis for those with liver disease.

– Louise Campbell

    Interested in a consult?

    Click here to book a consultation and FibroScan® with Louise Campbell.


    Louise became the first Hepatology nurse to be awarded a Fellowship from the Royal College of Physicians.


    Louise led the COVID-19 vaccination team at Nightingale Hospital at London ExCel.



    The British Journal of Nursing awarded Louise the Hepatology Nurse of the Year title. 

    The science: Our key contribution

    FibroScan® is noted in over 4,800 peer-reviewed publications and 180 clinical guidelines worldwide. Tawazun Health is building on this body of research to transform how the world understands and addresses liver disease . Our focus on scientific rigour ensures every innovation upholds the highest standards of patient care and medical professionalism.

    Tawazun Health is regulated by the UK’S Care Quality Commission (CQC).