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Tawazun Health Foundation – Research

COVID-19 has placed on hold over 100 clinical trials into NAFDL/NASH as well as many other liver related studies.

In the COVID-19 and post COVID-19 period we can offer assistance in locating patients for clinical trial recruitment

The location and/or  lack of a Fibroscan is NO LONGER NOT a barrier to having Fibroscan access to assist you to identify candidates for your clinical trials

Patients with NAFLD/NASH are more anxious about travel and exposure given their increased risk of severe COVID-19 and locating the most suitable and appropriate patients with the highest chance of fulfilling recruitment criteria can help in gaining some of the valuable time lost

If you wish to discuss how our team can assist you in improved patient identification, reducing screening failure rates and catching up some of the lost and valuable time then contact us.

Tawazun Health will be working closely with Healthcare researchers, the pharmaceutical industry and we will actively be supporting finding cures for metabolic, cardiac and other diseases now related to the LIVER.

For further information and for opportunities to collaborate then pleas contact Ray Thomas via email

If your clinical trial timeline has been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic then Fibroscan assessment may be your answer to trying to regain the lost time.

Trial screening failure is a significant cost to all who undertake clinical trials – locating the volunteers with the highest chance of successfully passing screening can help you regain time.

  • NAFLD and NASH study recruitment FIBROSCAN and AST levels can now let you locate those with most appropriate patients to biopsy
  • Liver related studies pre-screening – fibroscan can assist in ruling out advanced liver disease or cirrhosis
  • Endocrine / Diabetes studies – fibroscan can assist in ruling out advanced liver disease or cirrhosis
  • Cardiovascular studies – fibroscan can assist in ruling out advanced liver disease or cirrhosis

24% of the global population is estimated to have NAFLD the worlds largest liver disease is this silent disease a potential problem in your study if you do not know who they are?

Lack of a Fibroscan service in your area? NO longer a problem contact us at and see how we can help you make up for lost time