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FibroScan® Stiffness Results

*The ranges of fibrosis results in the table are estimates and related to validated liver diseases ONLY.

Many people with known liver disease(s) have a result that’s higher than the normal range. We suggest you do not use this table if you do not have a known liver disease or have more than one diagnosed liver disease.

Your Liver Stiffness should be in the GREEN ZONE and if your stiffness is above 7.0 kPa it will be recommended that you take the report to your doctor for further assessment. Your Doctor/specialist will use your FibroScan® stiffness result and your medical history to estimate your fibrosis score.

  • Fibrosis score F0 to F1: No liver scarring or mild liver scarring
  • Fibrosis score F2: Moderate liver scarring
  • Fibrosis score F3: Severe liver scarring
  • Fibrosis score F4: Advanced liver scarring (cirrhosis)

The Liver stiffness result is measured in kilopascals (kPa) this would normally be between 2 and 7 kPa.

This means that the actual fibrosis score may not always be the same as the estimated fibrosis score.

High liver stiffness can be the result of many things including the following; not having fasted long enough, inflamed liver, cardiac congestion, lumps in the liver and high liver enzymes.

Your fibrosis result may be over-estimated (your liver may have less scarring than what your fibrosis result says) if you have some of the following

  • Liver inflammation. This can be caused by drinking alcohol, a recent liver illness or a drug induced liver injury, Congestion of the Liver

Your FibroScan® results may also be less accurate if you have:

  • A body mass index (BMI) higher than 30 (obesity)
  • A build-up of fluid in your abdomen (ascites)
  • Too little bile flowing out of your liver (biliary obstruction)

*This information is for a guide only and Tawazun Health does not take responsibility for how this is used by the individual.

Quantifying Fibrosis with FibroScan® guide

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