Mastering Liver and Spleen Elastography with Louise at the EASL Skills Learning Centre

Jul 11, 2024

Uniting the Liver Disease Community in Milan

The EASL Congress in Milan on the 5th and 6th of June was a hub of activity, bringing together the brightest minds in the field of liver disease. With over 7000 professionals, more than 2500 abstracts and 190 scientific sessions, the event was a powerhouse of knowledge and innovation. The hybrid format allowed for global participation, ensuring that even those who couldn’t attend in person were part of the action.

Expert Guidance from Louise and Laura

A standout feature of the congress was the EASL Skills Learning Centre, focusing on liver and spleen elastography. Led by expert FibroScan users, including our very own Louise Campbell and Laura Trucco, this specialist session offered attendees the opportunity to deepen their understanding of liver stiffness measurement tools. Their extensive knowledge and engaging teaching style made the session both informative and enjoyable.

A Collaborative Learning Experience

The skills centre was a mixture of new and experienced users, all eager to explore the latest technology in elastography, which involves our expertise in using FibroScan technology. Participants shared their experiences, posed questions and gained insights from peers and experts alike. This environment helped foster a deeper understanding of the tools and techniques essential for accurate liver assessment.

Overwhelming Success and Enthusiastic Participation

The sessions were met with overwhelming enthusiasm. Attendees lined up to participate, leading to long queues and highly rated sessions. Over the course of two days, three specialist sessions were conducted, each an hour long, providing in-depth training and insights.

Leading the Way: Louise and Laura’s Impact

The sessions were expertly led by Louise and Laura, who, along with several tutors, provided active guidance with the devices. Their expertise and supportive approach ensured that every participant received 1 on 1 instruction, enhancing their skills and confidence in using elastography tools.

Building Expertise and Enjoying the Journey

The primary goal of the EASL Skills Learning Centre was to expand knowledge in elastography for liver assessment in collaboration with the Fibroscan technology we use. The event successfully combined education with enjoyment, as tutors shared valuable tips for scanning more challenging cases. This blend of learning and fun made the sessions memorable and impactful.

The EASL Skills Learning Centre has undoubtedly advanced the field of liver elastography. The skills and knowledge gained by attendees will play a crucial role in improving patient care and outcomes, marking another step forward in the fight against liver disease.

Louise showing people how to use liver stiffness tool