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Public Healthcare

The Institute for Health and Care Excellence has recently published new guidance on FibroScan for assessing fibrosis and cirrhosis in primary care.

In the new and increased virtual age of healthcare, reducing patient appointments and shortening their pathways which can in addition strengthen your practice and ability to support your patients with Hypertension, Diabetes, Cardiovascular disease, hyperlipidaemia, postmenopausal women, high alcohol intake and viral hepatitis. The addition of FibroScan can empower you improve care and save direct and indirect healthcare costs.

If you would like to discuss what and how FibroScan can strengthen your practice, CCG or Trust then please contact Louise Campbell via email
If you would like to discuss how you can obtain a skilled service or how these services can be implemented in your practice, CCG or Trust then pleased contact Ray Thomas via email

Tawazun Health Delivering FibroScan®

FibroScan® Service Support

Tawazun Health are working closely with the NHS and private hospitals to increase access of patients to FibroScan® for early diagnosis of a liver problem associated with other healthcare conditions where the liver is now a major contributor Heart disease, Type 2 diabetes, Stroke, medication monitoring and many more. More appropriate and earlier diagnosis allows change.

Assisting the NHS in the delivery of CQUIN targets and the NHS Health Check.

By identifying patients who need access to early assessment Tawazun Health can assist in compliance with NHS CQUIN and health check requirement’s and reducing your secondary specialist referral numbers and cost we can help you ease your backlog and improve patients health.

Should you want delivering FibroScan® on site or externally in all cases we will discuss the best options, both in cost and logistically for you.

Should you have available a FibroScan® machine and require additional support in set up, guideline development, governance, staff supervision or delivery of an increased high quality service. Tawazun Health can offer a range of support packages tailored to your specific requirements from our leading expert and our Medical Director Louise Campbell.

To enquire further on our Public Health Direct Access Programmes and/or training please call Ray Thomas 07484 341458 or email:

Do you require post COVID-19 recovery assistance?

Fibroscan assessments can assist you prioritise many patients waiting to see specialist Hepatology or Gastroenterology clinics

  • In patients referred for abnormal liver function tests
  • HBV or HCV assessment & monitoring
  • Assessment for NAFLD/NASH liver biopsy

DO you have patients with cirrhosis who are awaiting ENDOSCOPY for oesophageal varices monitoring?

  •  Fibroscan can allow you to use BAVENO VI and enhanced BAVENO VI criteria to prioritise your waiting list

Have you seen a rise in people presenting with Alcohol related concerns or have your patients been drinking more?

  •  Fibroscan screening for fibrosis and high fat content can assist in supporting these groups better

If you would like more information on any of these areas or just have a question then please contact us at