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These days we all live a hectic life both at work and socially. Many of us jam into our busy lives a fitness routine and eat nutritionally. This maybe in the form of exercising monitored by our sports watches or just going to the gym each week.

Recognising your efforts to lead a healthy life, Tawazun Health are now supporting you with a superior lifestyle choice by providing you with a Fibroscan service to keep track of your liver’s health. This is the first time it has been available to monitor aspects of your health by having a routine liver scan and taking control of your life.

You may not be the athlete or the serial jogger, but whatever you do to stay fit, a regular check on the condition of your liver will help you keep in tune with your body’s wellbeing.

You do NOT need to be overweight to have a fatty liver. You can attend a gym and exercise and still have fatty liver if your diet choices are wrong but if you want the gym or exercise to help then you should know your liver condition before and after to assess the internal changes as a little change can achieve a lot for the liver.

If you did dry January, Veganuary, joined the gym to undo your Christmas and New Year excesses then find out if your liver needs that little extra help continuing and find out what your liver condition is before you stop.

FibroScan® is a non-invasive test and will give you an immediate indication of the condition of your liver. You will be greeted by friendly staff and you will find your Tawazun Health FibroScan® visit a very comfortable experience.

Knowing your liver condition may allow you to prevent your lifestyle from increasing your risk of Type 2 diabetes or heart disease both lifestyle issues which are preventative. Don’t look back and say if only!

The cost of our lifestyle FibroScan® services are –

General Adult FibroScan® £95.00
Young Adult FibroScan® £45.00


By proceeding to the Book Now option below, you confirm that you are 16 years or older and understand the process of Fibroscan.

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